Hyper Culture is cultural, operating, open, societal, transdisciplinary, international, local, rural, urban, virtual.

Hyper Culture’s mission is to support, create, educate, activate, mentoring, program and curate music related cultural projects in an integrated way with the collective power of networks.

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Hyper Culture is not an agency

Hyper Culture is not a platform

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the Advisory Board of: IASPM D-A-CH
International Association For The Study Of Popular Music

AG Populärkultur & Medien
Association Of Popculture And Media
within the society of media studies

ASPM – Arbeitskreis Studium Populärer Musik e.V.
Association For The Study Of Popular Music

PKI – Permakultur Institut

DPV – Deutscher Presse Verband
German Media Association

BMC – Berlin Music Commission
The musicnetwork of Berlin untill 2011